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Stay Connected With Your Audience.

Reach your audience On-Demand or from the palm of their hand with your very own custom branded streaming television channel or mobile app. 

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Reach Your Audience

Roku currently has over 27 million active accounts, these figures are rapidly increasing! Amazon Fire TV currently has 30 million active accounts! With over 200 million viewers and growing, now is the time to solidify your brand with your custom branded streaming television app.

We all know the power of having a mobile app. Consumers love having the power of a quick purchase at the palm of their hands. Now you can reach your customers on their favorite device with your very own custom-branded mobile app! 

Monetize your content

Sit back and let your channel generate revenue for you! Roku offers unique opportunities for you to monetize your channel and create a new stream of income. Publish your app as a paid app or have in-app purchases to increase your profits with your mobile apps! 

Boost Brand Awareness

Stream past your competition with your custom-branded mobile app or television channel. Reach millions of potential customers from around the globe that you can promote your message, brand, product or service to from the comfort of their living room or from the palm of their hands. 

Lets Talk Streaming TV

Roku added nearly 8 Million Active Accounts in 2018. This gives them a base of 27 Million active subscribers which could be a possible 100 Million Viewers based on households with 3 or 4 people in them.

  • Roku is the Number one Streaming platform in the US with the most hours streamed.
  • Roku pioneered streaming TV, this allowed users to connect with the streaming content they love.
  • Roku can be viewed on either Roku TV & Roku Streaming Players which are available around the world.
  •  Roku has an Industry Leading the line of Roku Branded plates Across America and Europe and is rapidly expanding around the world.

Let’s Talk Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV currently has 30 Million Active Accounts (Jan 2019 figures). Remember this is Users, not Viewers, so there could be a possible 100 Million Viewers.

How it Works 

What you get inside our builder:

1 User License

Up to 3 Channels

Dashboard with targeted analytics

Create your own custom branded streaming television channels on:


Amazon Fire TV

Apple TV

Google Chromecast

The package also includes:

Live Streaming

Channel Hosting

Web Feed

Access to new platforms and tools when they become available!

Who is this for?

Government Agencies • Influencers, Podcasters, YouTubers • Independent Filmmakers • Chambers of Commerce • Business Meetup Organizations • School Districts • Sports Teams • Restaurants & Chefs • Small Businesses • Corporate Entities •Non-Profit Organizations • Churches • Musicians & Bands • Radio Shows • Real Estate Agents & More! 

Lets Talk Mobile Apps

Our Mobile App Builder

Our mobile app builder lets you design your very own custom branded Android and IOS app. With just a few clicks of a button, your app will be developed and you can begin the process of publishing it to the Android and IOS app stores. Check out the demo below to see for yourself how easy the process is! 

About Mobile Apps 

  • Mobile apps make it easier to promote your products or services.
  • 81% of mobile users feel comfortable making a purchase from their mobile phone. 
  • 66% of Americans check their mobile phones 160 times a day.
  • Promote your business product or service on platforms with audiences in the millions.
  • Mobile apps can help boost social media engagement.

How it works 

Your App builder license includes:

  • 1 App user license.
  • Unlimited access to features inside the app builder.
  • Dashboard with app analytics.
  • Publish your app in the Google play store
  • Publish your app in the Apple app store .
  • Unlimited updates inside your account.